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multivitamin for energy and stress
multivitamin for energy and stress

Welcome to More Energy + Focus +Less Stress

Multi-tasker has been formulated for the busy modern human

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Enzymes {digest+debloat}

Your debloating friend

{what our customers say}

I am so impressed with your products! They’ve made a massive impact on my energy, mood and skin!

We have been looking for something like this for 10 years and despite a well-balanced healthy diet, gut health eluded us. These probiotics have completely changed that!

I have definitely noticed a difference in bloating. I have IBS so it has been great that this doesn't trigger any IBS symptoms.

These products have made such a difference - far less bloating, more energy and my skin is finally improving. I am taking this twice a day and improved symptoms if IBS

My long standing cravings and bad habits with junk food seem to have gone and when I did indulge in Christmas parties and champagne recently I bounced back the next day!

The combination of the two has made my gut happy and my skin glow.

I have tried other gut products but for me this is the one. I don't feel sluggish and bloated and it really helps me stay on top of my IBS. My skin looks better and I have more energy. Thank you!!

after about 3-4 weeks I have noticed improvements to any gut heaviness which has resulted in me feeling lighter and less bloated.


Thriving gut bacteria to build a strong immune system, promote overall health and combat digestive issues.

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Supple skin, strong hair and nails, and resilient gut lining.

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Scientific and naturopathic

We are at the forefront of the latest research in gut and skin health and immunity. All our products have been naturopathically formulated using scientifically proven ingredients and dosages.

Keep it Clean

Our potent ingredients are sourced from Australia and around the world and are formulated to be easily absorbed by the gut. That means they are free from artificial preservatives, flavours, sweeteners and colours, grains, and other common gut irritants.


We avoid using plastic wherever possible. Our pouches have a small footprint and we encourage you to use our refillable ceramic canisters to store your products month to month. All our ingredients are responsibly sourced.

Say Hello to Digestive Enzymes {digest+debloat}

Enzymes {digest + debloat} is a synergistic blend of enzymes important for the digestion of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.