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Everything Begins in the Gut

Maintain your health by maintaining your gut.

The gut is the source of a healthy mind and a body that is strong and full of energy. Robust gut health with thriving good bacteria is the foundation for a strong immune system, beautiful skin, quality sleep, and overall longevity.

{the ecosystem}

Our gut microbiome is an evolved and complex ecosystem where microbes exist in a golden ratio; if this ratio is out of balance, the entire system is compromised, causing negative effects on the overall health of the person.

A modern lifestyle often comes with detrimental effects on your gut bacteria and microbiome. Everyday exposure to things like alcohol, gluten, stress, and exposure to toxins and medication, particularly antibiotics, can lead to immune, skin, and mood issues.

Maintaining a well functioning gut by feeding the good bacteria and looking after the lining of the gut will go a long way towards counterbalancing the impacts of modern life and in turn look after your health.

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Over her years of practising, founder and naturopath Pernille Jensen grew increasingly frustrated with the lack of high potency and quality gut products available on the market. To meet the demand, she decided to create a product range that contains high quality and scientifically researched ingredients


Just like the quality of our gut impacts the health of our bodies, the quality of our air and soil impacts the quality of our produce. We are interconnected with the environment around us and its insects, animals, soil and air. If we wish to improve our health we cannot merely focus on us as individuals. The reach is much farther and more complex.

The Gut Cø is dedicated to better practices when it comes to sustainability in regards to our products and our packaging, which is why we have chosen not to use plastic tubs, but offer you a beautiful canister that you can refill your product into at home. Our pouches have a low footprint, and we are actively looking into the use of compostable pouches that will disintegrate in your compost or bin.

“We believe that our health depends on the health of our environment.”

{the microbiome and the body}

Founder and naturopath Pernille Jensen has been researching the gut microbiome and the relationship between gut function and the rest of the body for the past 12 years. As well as continuously educating herself on the latest research, she has been educating every patient who has walked through her door on the importance of gut health and how it relates to being healthy and having a strong immune system and beautiful, glowing skin.

The products offered by The Gut Cø are a culmination of years of experience and knowledge as well as a whole year spent formulating and sourcing high potency, sustainable ingredients that dissolve easily and taste great.

Each product is bio-available (easily absorbable), highly effective, and is formulated without GMO ingredients, soy, gluten, synthetic flavours or colours. Our products are FODMAP approved meaning they are easy to digest even for those with sensitive guts.

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