Introducing PROTEIN {Collagen + WPI}

PROTEIN {Collagen + WPI}
Fun fact: Sufficient, high-quality protein is non-negotiable for both cellular and tissue maintenance and repair.
Additional fun fact: Many people don’t consume enough protein and not all protein is created equal. 
At The Gut Co. we understand that the right protein can do so much for general health and wellbeing. 
We also know that finding this metaphorical 'unicorn' protein combination can be needlessly tricky. 
So we thought we’d cut through the hassle and take the initiative; We give you PROTEIN in one neat, beautiful package.

PROTEIN {Collagen + WPI}

is our newest pride and joy. We understand first hand the incredible importance of protein, but also the functional perks of choosing the right ingredients. 

Why choose a protein that does one job when you can cover more weight management, a glowing complexion, and improved recovery following exercise whilst supporting bone health and soft tissue (yes, skin, cartilage, ligaments and tendons. All of them!) 

Our PROTEIN / Three Kinds of Collagen 

Ok so you know us- we love collagen! (With good reason).

Sourced from a leading company in the field of collagen research, we use only the highest quality collagen sourced from Germany. 

Collagen peptides themselves are chains of amino acids (aka the building blocks of proteins) which have affinity for different tissues in the body. Our versatile blend of carefully selected collagen peptides cover all of the important things that we want to maintain and repair whilst adulting.

  • Skin

From around our mid-twenties, our natural production of collagen which keeps our complexion plump, voluminous and smooth begins to decline. 

PROTEIN contains specific collagen peptides which promote glowing and youthful skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, strengthening nails and even reducing cellulite. Tick.

  • Bone

So often forgotten about, our bones are one of our biggest assets- and our PROTEIN features collagen peptides which actually promote an increase in bone mass by supporting the beneficial activity of bone cells and their signalling processes. 

In a nutshell, tipping the scales towards bone stability and reducing bone loss. Tick!

  • Joints 

The cartilage which protects our bones in joint tissue degrades with age, heavy use (or ‘wear and tear’ from exercise), and stress from other sources. 

In fact nearly 70% of our cartilage tissue is made up of collagen! So whether recovering from a joint surgery or injury, or simply maintaining your cartilage and joint health for the long haul, our specific collagen peptides stimulate cells to lay down new cartilage instead of continuing to wear down, thereby reducing discomfort and supporting mobility. Tick, tick!

Why Whey?

Hold up- if collagen is so amazing, why add whey? 

As incredible as collagen is- it’s missing one single (but very important) essential amino acid (Tryptophan! Essential for sleep and mood) which we as humans are biologically unable to synthesize. This means we need to obtain it from our diet. Whey not only bridges this Tryptophan gap, but also proposes to increase our internal production of glutathione- or ‘master’ antioxidant. Yes please!

Our whey is WPI (Whey Protein Isolate), not WPC (Whey Protein Concentrate), which means it undertakes an additional filtration process to separate the protein from residual carbs, sugars and fats. By combining our collagen peptides with the highest quality grass-fed WPI, the result is a leaner, complete protein at 20g of protein, 1g of carbohydrate 0g fat per serve and the optimal partner for exercise recovery, supporting performance and weight management goals.

Formulated with Your Microbiome in Mind

Collagen is very obviously one of our very favourites for repairing and nourishing soft tissue - including the gut lining! 

But we couldn't help ourselves- what would our formulas be without a bit of extra microbiome love?! Featuring our dream-duo, prebiotic PHGG (Partially Hydrolysed Guar Gum) and spore-based probiotic Bacillus coagulans, our PROTEIN nourishes and feeds beneficial gut bacteria, balances our bugs, supports the elimination of waste, and reduces symptoms of digestive discomfort and IBS.

No junk, no artificial this, that or the other. Just clean, natural, lean and thriving protein to aid recovery, repair and maintenance.

Buy PROTEIN {Collagen + WPI} Here 


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