Feed the Mind: Sakura Matches x The Gut Cø Q&A

Sakura Matches x The Gut Cø Q&A
  • How do you incorporate The Gut Cø products with your daily routine?

  • Repair and Feed have lately been part of my afternoon routine. Taking a moment away from any screens to make myself a glass and if I have time, enjoying it outside in the sun.  


    • Your favourite way to enjoy the Gut Cø?

    I've been enjoying my Gut Co products in the early afternoon, something light and refreshing after lunch.

    Lately I've been mixing both the repair and feed in a glass of water with a generous squeeze of lime juice and ice. I think sparkling water would be a nice touch too! 




  • What are some of the benefits you have noticed thus far?

  • I've already noticed such improvements to my skin.

    I've been on a gut health journey for the past year and over the last few months I've noticed my skin healing so much quicker than it ever has before, say if I had a scratch or a break out.

    It's so nice to finally notice some improvements as you've got to be so patient when it comes to repairing your gut.





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