Vegan Vanilla Matcha Smoothie

Matcha with vegan protein

Starting your day with a wholesome smoothie can be one of the easiest ways to pack as many nutrients as possible into a meal.  In our Vanilla Matcha Smoothie we have included both the VEGAN PROTEIN {organic} protein powder for a boost of protein and fibre and our FEED {gut + immune} to help balance your microbiome and keep your gut thriving.  Enjoy!


1 cup of coconut water

1 Banana

2 tbs VEGAN PROTEIN {organic} protein powder in vanilla.

1 heaped tbs FEED {gut + immune}

1 heaped tsp organic matcha powder

1/2 cup ice

Chia seeds to top



Blend all ingredients together and serve topped with chia seeds - enjoy! 


Shop VEGAN PROTEIN {organic} here.

Shop FEED {gut + immune} here.

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