Certified Organic Vegan Protein

Certified Organic Vegan Protein

You all know that we're huge fans of protein at The Gut Co.- After all, amino acids are our bodies’ building blocks, and are essential for both tissue maintenance and repair. 

In the spirit of continuing to drop absolute game-changers, we have something special to announce to all of our plant-based aficionados (don't think for one single second that we had forgotten you!) 

For Organic Vegan Protein, we had something special in mind. Something crafted with consideration and finesse- Because really, when would we ever deliver anything less than perfect?!

Cue: Enter Certified Organic Plant Based Protein (with zero chalkiness!)

Our shining superstars in our organic vegan protein are a blend of sprouted and fermented pea and hemp protein. These contain all 9 amino acids to promote satiety, support a healthy body composition and aid tissue regeneration. And we’ve achieved this without a single animal-based protein in sight. Nada, nil, zip. 

Not only is our Organic Vegan Protein clean, tidy, and certified organic (aka free from industrial growing chemicals), it tastes incredible. We couldn't stop ourselves from levelling up the texture with the addition of coconut milk - this means zero gritty, ever. Just smooth, creamy, and lush (yes, we said lush).

Formulated with Your Microbiome in Mind 

Our beautiful formula boasts both soluble and insoluble fibre from flax and chia seeds. Flax and Chia are both soluble and insoluble fibre and this combination feeds the microbiome, supports bowel health and regularity, as well as supporting metabolic function and body composition goals. Rich in omega 3s and helpful in managing hormone health.

Protein is only ever useful if we can break it down, though to be reassembled where needed, right? So you can expect to find a healthy dose of digestive enzymes in this formulation (you're welcome!) to assist with protein digestion and to ban the bloat. 

Bacillus coagulans (our favourite little spore-based probiotic) is the piece de resistance in our vegan protein to support gut health and function. With a long list of attributes ranging from improving both diarrhoea and constipation, reducing digestive discomfort, ensuring microbial balance, as well as protecting liver health, we can comfortably say it's our match made in heaven. 

Whether ensuring that you meet your daily protein requirements whilst juggling a busy lifestyle or meeting your performance goals, Organic Vegan Protein by The Gut Co. is our plant-based go-to. 

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