Feed the Mind with Priscilla from Bangn Body

Priscilla from Bangn Body

During our collaboration with Bangn body, we realised that we share the same approach to creating products that multitask for optimised results and a simpler routine.

Read the interview with the beautiful Priscilla below

Can you tell us the reasons behind starting Bangn Body?

I founded Bangn Body in 2019, leaving behind a flourishing career in corporate finance and literally betting my house on the creation of a brand that would offer something truly different to women looking for a simpler, more effective approach to their skincare.

Following my own skin challenges with hormonal acne and eczema, unable to find products that worked for me, six years ago I decided to make my own and realised that this could be something others were looking for, too.

You have a multi-tasking approach to skincare, (which we love) why do you think this is important?

We believe skin is skin and it should be looked after equally. Our bodies do get neglected from time to time, and we wanted to bridge the gap between performance skincare and functional bodycare. I wanted to create products that delivered proven benefits and visible results without compromising on the planet and minimising waste. At Bangn Body we create products with purpose and offer value to customers with an all-in-one philosophy to skincare.

Can you tell us a little about the hero ingredients in some of your products?

Struggling with my skin for 15+ years I wanted to create products that worked wonders for my skin and that meant working with our skin chemists and formulation experts on selecting key ingredients that perform but also are suitable for sensitive and acne prone skin. Our Green Coffee Bean Extract from Byron Bay, Pineapple Fruit Extract, Tremella Mushroom and Jojoba Esters are some of the key ingredients in our product that work to mimic our natural skin and therefore helps to boost moisture, renew skin cells, reduce inflammation and protect the skin barrier for healthy, firmer-looking skin. 

What is your health regime? 

My health Regime is a work in progress, for a long while I have put myself and my health on the back burner. Finding balance to invest in my business and my health is one I am trying to get right. I do drink plenty of water throughout the day now that I have a large water bottle on my desk (so no excuses). I walk for 20-30 minutes per day and I try to eat a balanced diet with salads, vegetables, proteins and fruits. I am super excited to try the Multi-tasker vitamin as this is something I definitely need in my health routine to assist with energy and stress levels. 

Could you tell us about your Firming and Brightening Beauty Treatment?

After suffering with hormonal acne, I was left with post acne marks, dark spots and pigmentation. I wanted to create an all-in-one serum, primer and mask that could help brighten, hydrate and firm my skin after each application. Our Firming & Brightening Beauty Treatment is an all-in-one Beauty Treatment designed with powerful moisturising assets and triple action firming, brightening and hydrating properties that boost natural skin protection, reinforce skin barrier function and increase firmness and skin elasticity. It's a lightweight, super silky and oil-free formula curated with ground breaking skin brightening technology and 10x the hydrating properties of Hyaluronic Acid.


Thank you Priscilla 🙏

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