Creamy Delicious Overnight Oats & Chia Infused With Collagen

Chia pudding With Collagen

About our guest blogger 

Emma Lisa is a kind-hearted and experienced Practitioner-- who's been there herself, she has helped many woman shift their eating habits and improve their lifestyle. She is a Whizz in the kitchen and has trialled and tested our FEED and REPAIR on their own and in various recipes. 

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What if I told you could literally glow from the inside out by eating this deliciously filling breakfast recipe. Well, it's true, and not only will this collagen infused brekkie help your skin look plump and youthful, the high fibre content will help you eat less while improving your gut health. Its an all round winner and one of my go-to wholefood breakfast recipes.

Collagen is an essential protein responsible for healthy joints and your skin elasticity. It's found in the make up of your bones, muscles, and blood, comprising three quarters of your skin and a third of the protein in your body. As you age, your existing collagen breaks down, and it gets harder for your body to produce so supplementation becomes essential. We need a constant supply from natural food sources to look and feel out very best.

Overnight Oats & Chia Pudding

This is one of the best breakfast recipes to help you bust through those mid-morning sugar cravings because oats and chia seeds are both naturally high in dietary fibre. The fibre found in these two ingredients will help to keep you feeling full and satisfied over more traditional cereal type breakfast options.

Basic Ingredients

  • 1 cup vegan yoghurt such as coconut or soy

  • 3 tbsp blueberry compote, homemade

  • 3 tbsp rolled oats, high in fibre

  • 2 tsp collagen like REPAIR by The Gut Cø

  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract (if yoghurt is plain)

  • 2 tsp chia seeds, high in fibre

Add the ingredients to a mason jar and stir well to combine. I like to add the blueberry compote last as a swirl, but you can mix it in as per your personal preference. Twist on the mason jar's lid and store in the fridge overnight or for a minimum of 2-3 hours to set. To serve, eat right from the jar! These make a great packable breakfast, lunch or snack (if you halve the portion). Enjoy with a few berries, tablespoon of granola over the top, so yummy and filling!!

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