Pernille's Nighttime Routine

A Naturopath's Nighttime Routine

When I was younger I never prioritised sleep. I loved sleeping, but it wasn't a priority. Fast forward to a life with two teenagers and a busy schedule — I have learnt it the hard way; SLEEP is essential for a healthy life!

So what happens when we sleep and why is it essential to having a healthy body and mind?

During sleep, the body undergoes essential processes for healing and regeneration. Deep sleep stages, like slow-wave sleep, promote tissue repair, muscle growth, and bone formation through increased levels of growth hormone.

The immune system is supported as the body produces cytokines that aid in fighting infections and illnesses.

Sleep also plays a crucial role in memory consolidation, particularly during REM sleep, enhancing cognitive function and emotional processing.

Hormones regulating metabolism and appetite are balanced during sleep, while cellular repair and detoxification processes remove toxins and waste products.

Prioritising quality sleep is vital for maintaining optimal health, energy levels, and cognitive function.

My SLEEP Routine


I use blue or yellow light glasses at night if I am on a screen, currently I am using yellow tinted glasses as I have read they block out more blue light than blue light glasses.


I always log out and turn off half an hour before bed as I need to prepare the next day. By preparing I mean making sure the kids (13 and 15) have packed their school bags, know what they are doing in terms of clothes for school (we have had several mornings of panic as someone cannot find their sports uniform or worse it hasn't been washed!)

I also lay out any clothes for the next day so I don't have to make decisions in the morning. 


I will then carry out my skin routine, brush my teeth and make sure the dogs have been out (last call as I do not like getting up in the night to let them out.)

I say goodnight to the kids, get into bed and make sure the light is dimmed. My husband and I will have a brief chat about who is doing what in the morning if anyone needs to get to school early for sport or who is taking the dogs for a walk.


I make sure the bedroom is at a cool temperature if it has been a hot day. If I have had a hectic day and I feel I need some extra help going to sleep I take SLEEP {well}.

I take one if I feel I just need help to relax before bed, but if I need help falling asleep and staying asleep I will take two tablets of SLEEP {well}. They make me feel very calm and my body starts to relax and by the time I am in bed I feel so ready to sleep.


I then turn off the light and say in my head what I am grateful for; this may be nothing more than how lovely the linen feels on my skin or bigger things such as being grateful for my kids' health or that I am strong and healthy, etc.

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