Why Are You Always Tired

Why Are You Always Tired

Do you feel like you're always tired, no matter how much sleep you get? You're not alone. In our busy world, it feels like we're running on empty, and it's hard to figure out why. It's not just about missing a few hours of sleep; there's something more going on that keeps us feeling drained.

The Hidden Thieves of Energy

Not Getting Quality Sleep: It's a common misconception that quantity trumps quality when it comes to sleep. However, the secret to unlocking true restorative rest lies in the quality of our slumber. Factors such as an uncomfortable sleep environment, the blue light from screens before bed, and a lack of a wind-down routine can all rob us of precious REM and deep sleep cycles.

The Weight of Stress and Anxiety: Like silent shadows, stress and anxiety follow us, often unnoticed, draining our energy reserves with their constant presence. The mind, unable to find peace, leaves the body in a state of unrest, resulting in an exhaustion that sleep alone cannot cure.

Lifestyle Choices That Dim Our Light: Sedentary habits, dietary missteps, and the overconsumption of stimulants and depressants can cast a shadow over our natural vitality. These choices disrupt our body's rhythms and deplete our energy, leaving us feeling perpetually worn out.

Underlying Whispers of Health Conditions: Sometimes, the root of our fatigue lies in hidden health challenges such as thyroid imbalances, sleep disorders, and nutritional deficiencies. These silent undercurrents can significantly impact our energy levels and require professional insight to uncover and address.

The Nutritional Foundation: Just as a house cannot stand firm on shaky ground, our energy cannot flourish on a foundation of poor nutrition. Deficiencies in vital nutrients like Iron, B vitamins (especially B12), vitamin D, and Magnesium can lead to a profound sense of tiredness that no amount of sleep can alleviate.

So, how can you fight off this constant tiredness and feel more energised?

1. Cultivate a sacred bedtime ritual that prepares your mind and body for a night of deep, restorative sleep. Optimise your sleep environment, limit screen time before bed, and embrace routines that signal to your body it's time to rest.


2. Integrate stress-reduction practices into your daily life. Techniques such as mindfulness, yoga, and deep breathing can help calm the mind and restore energy levels.


3. Align your lifestyle with your body's needs. Engage in regular physical activity, nourish your body with balanced, nutrient-rich meals, and moderate your intake of caffeine and alcohol.


4. Try adding an activated B vitamin complex supplement — check your iron and vitamin D levels and supplement if necessary. The soil we grow our food in is unfortunately depleted of Magnesium so adding a Magnesium supplement can also be beneficial. MULTI-TASKER also contains adaptogenic herbs that help to reduce the negative impact that stress can have on your body and prevent burnout.


5. If you suspect that underlying health issues are the culprits behind your fatigue, consult with healthcare professionals. Addressing and managing these conditions can be the key to unlocking your full energy potential.


6. Embark on a culinary journey that emphasises whole foods, rich in the nutrients your body craves for energy. Consider supplements to address any deficiencies (consult with your healthcare provider first).  For those seeking a good night's sleep, our SLEEP {well} supplement could be the key. Designed to help you fall asleep faster and enjoy a more restful sleep, leaving you refreshed in the morning. It combines herbs and magnesium, known in both Chinese Medicine and Western Herbal Medicine, to induce sleep, calm the mind, relieve mild anxiety, and reduce restlessness. This blend is your ally in achieving a deeper, more rejuvenating sleep. SLEEP {well} also contains magnesium for helping the muscles to relax.


Getting your energy back is a unique journey for everyone. It means looking closely at your daily habits, lifestyle, and health to find out why you're so tired. By following these steps and making thoughtful changes, you can wake up feeling refreshed and full of life every day. Your energy is like a precious treasure, and with a bit of care, it can light up your whole life.

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