High Protein Ice-Cream Pops

Protein powder - WPI and collagen

Cool down and indulge in these protein-packed ice cream pops for a guilt-free treat. Made with your choice of yogurt, milk, and chocolate PROTEIN powder, they're a creamy delight. Boosted with FEED for gut and immune support, they're as nourishing as they are delicious.

Makes 8-10 (will depend on your ice-cream molds)


1.5 cups Natural Coconut yoghurt or Natural Greek Yoghurt
½ cup of your choice of milk (we love coconut milk for its natural sweetness)
6-8 serves of Chocolate PROTEIN {collagen + WPI}
+ give yours a boost with 2 servings of FEED {gut+immune}

Toppings: We love toasted coconut or toasted pistachios with a drizzle of organic dark chocolate.


Combine all ingredients in a bowl (or blender for ease).  Divide mixture into your ice-cream molds and freeze for 12-24 hours.
Take out when frozen through and add on your desired toppings.  Enjoy!


You can find more information on both products used in this recipe here:

PROTEIN {collagen + WPI} here

FEED {gut + immune} here


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