Raffaello Coconut Balls

Coconut Balls with REPAIR {skin+gut}

This is a snack that is going to make your skin glow and make you feel energised. At The Gut Co HQ we have these as an afternoon snack to keep us going and we love that it contains superfoods, zinc, vitamin C and A plus collagen for great skin and a healthy gut due to REPAIR {skin+gut}


* 250g desiccated coconut (200g for the recipe and 50g for rolling the balls through after forming them)

* 1 cup of full fat coconut cream (throw the liquid and only use the hard part)

* 100g raspberries 

* 2 tsp of maple syrup 

* 1 heaped tsp REPAIR {gut+skin}


Add all ingredients to a bowl and stir until you obtain a thick paste. Roll into even balls. And pass through 


Optional: add an almond/ Brazil nut in the middle before you roll them into balls 

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