Q — What is it in CLEANSE that makes it detox/cleanse the body?

CLEANSE is a greens powder with superfoods high in nutrients (vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats) plus antioxidants. Some of these superfoods also have the capacity to cleanse/detox the liver and the body. 

For example, Broccoli Sprouts are extremely high in Sulforaphane, a compound that has the ability to induce apoptosis (death of cancer cells.)

Sulforaphane is also an inducer of both Glutathione and Phase II Enzymes, supporting the liver in detoxifying potential carcinogenic and other compounds that enter the body.

There has also been some research into Sulforaphane’s ability to detoxify the body of air pollutants. 

Spirulina and Chlorella are filled with beneficial vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats which work together in a synergistic way to provide energy and vitality. Spirulina and Chlorella can be used for heavy metal detoxification

St Mary’s Thistle and Globe Artichoke are both renowned liver herbs and help to optimise liver detoxification, which in turn can help to balance your hormones and make you feel more vibrant and full of vitality.

Pomegranate Peel and Green Tea have antimicrobial activity against bacteria, while also acting as prebiotics helping to keep the gut clean and optimised with less bad bacteria and more of the good ones. Both are known for their high content of polyphenols and high antioxidant capacity.

Q — Why add mushrooms to a green powder?

We added Mushrooms for their ability to strengthen the immune system and their adaptogenic properties (they help to support a healthy stress response in the body). Mushrooms also have a prebiotic effect on the gut which helps to improve the gut microbiota.

Q— How often should I take CLEANSE?

If you wish to do a thorough CLEANSE, we recommend taking one dose twice a day (morning and early afternoon) for two weeks, while also eating a clean diet and omitting gluten and alcohol. 

The maintenance dose is once day in the morning on an empty stomach.

Q— Can I take CLEANSE with FEED and REPAIR?

Yes! CLEANSE is different to FEED and REPAIR and the three can be taken together


Yes, you can spice up your nutrient intake by adding CLEANSE to PROTEIN. It tastes nice in all three proteins, but seems to be extra special in Chocolate PROTEIN (collagen+WPI}.

Q — Can I take CLEANSE while pregnant or breastfeeding?

We do not recommend taking CLEANSE while pregnant or breastfeeding.

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